Hey there, have you ever?

Avoided nights out with friends because you just don't feel right in your own skin? Does your body ache and feel like a foreign object.

You're always trying to make it to the gym but it just never seems to work around your schedule. Then yet another week goes by. 

So you decide to try that diet your friend was telling you about. You restrict your calorie intake to 1200cal.

And Yes!!!! You start to lose some weight. But your hungry and tired. And still not going out with your friends. Now it's not your body, it's you food that isolates you.

After a couple of weeks it happens, you snap... and eat a entire packet of tim tams.

You feel sick and guilty. So when monday comes around. You hit gym. Smash out a couple of classes. Trying to take back the tim tams. Punishing yourself for every bite.

Is this story familiar? This is the story of many women struggling to have a positive relationship with their body. But doesn't have to be this way.  

It's time to Ditch the Fad Diets, eat real food and get real results. 

Discover how to rewire your metabolism and fall in love with your curves.

Bay ActivePT presents

The Metabolic Rewire

Discover how to rewire your metabolism to become a healthier, fitter and confident you without ever having to touch a diet again.

Introducing The Metabolic Rewire Program. Based on years of research, The Metabolic Rewire Program is designed to crank up your bodies fat burning ability and sculpt your curves. Ditch the expensive shakes and endless dieting. This lifestyle overhaul program will change your relationship with food and exercise, giving you the body you have always wanted with a killer mindset to match.

It's time to Rewire your Metabolism, so that you can;

  • Dramatically increase your heart health so you can play with your kids.
  • Banish bloating 
  • Power up your energy levels
  •  Lose weight and keep it off for life.  
  • Sculpt shapely curves 
  • Leave Fad Diets in the past for good. 
  • Never waste money on shakes, pills or ready made meals again

Hi, I'm Kate Tur....

Hi, I'm Kate Turtiainen. Don't worry know one knows how to say my last name. The main things you need to know about me is that I love movement an I am a anatomy geek.

I have been in the fitness industry 10 years now and the most common question I get is 

"why can't I keep weight off?" 

Over the years I have seen a lot. Low carb, no carb, high protein, shakes and meal replacements. But they all go wrong at the same place.

They forget to teach you how to live and be healthy at the same time. Sounds simple.... then why do we get it wrong so often? Let me show you.

I invite you to ditch the quick fixes and learn how simple changes can make a healthier, happier you today.

"I feel good, look good and have muscles. " 


Here is how The Metabolic Rewire works...

The Metabolic Rewire Program is broken down into 3 key parts; Rewire, Replenish & Restore. Each of these different phases have been designed to help maximise your results and create meaningful change. A big part of our philosophy relies on community , support and education


I won't lie the first 1-4 weeks are the toughest but with our team on hand to help you through, it will feel like a breeze. We will focus on how your response to food and exercise. This is where we create your own personal movement & nourishment plan. We create new healthy lifestyle habits.


Weeks 5-8 are honestly my favourite. It is when clients really start to notice how "lite" they feel. Their energy levels are soaring and we begin to dig-in to your mindset. This is when you will build the foundation for maintaining your results. We adjust you personal movement & nourishment plans according to your new and improved fitness level as well as review your Unique Body Mapping.  


Weeks 9-12 you will really be starting to notice your sculpted curves and a general feeling of Bamtasticness! It is now we add another layer. We make sure that your are confident in your new skills and ensure that your Movement and Nourishment plan suits your day to day real life schedule. Finally finishing up with your final unique body mapping review.  

Over 12 weeks we shall move through each element of the program Rewire, Replenish & Restore to ensure that you get a healthier, happier body for life. You will;  

  • Learn fundamental and advanced fitness and wellbeing skills with 1-on-1 45min Personal Training Sessions each week.  
  • Unlimited Class Access.  
  • Unique Body Mapping  
  • Custom meal and workout plans.  
  • Supermarket unravelled - a group coaching session that teaches you how to navigate your Supermarket.  
  • Exclusive access to TMR Community  
  • Unlimited trainer email support.  
  • Super Saturday Sessions  

How do I know this program is for me?

This program is for you if...

  • you are committed to working hard
  • willing to tackle obstacles
  • want to have a positive relationship with food
  • have a open mind
  • sick of wasting money on shakes and meal replacements
  • your tired of dieting
  • you want face to face coaching

This program isn't for you if

  • you live out of state (NSW, Batemans Bay)
  • you want a quick fix
  • want to train online
  • you are pregnant
  • you are fixated on the scales
  • you want a freebie program (there is a financial investment)

What is my investment

How long have you been wasting your money on gym memberships that you never use? How many supplements have you bought not really knowing what they do for you. Just to let them sit in the back of your cupboard and expire.

Don't waste another year on gym fees. Dreaming of change. Work with our supportive team in our boutique studio. Let us guide you through simple changes to increase your energy and establish a healthy relationship with your body.

Reserve your place in the exclusive 12 week program starting on the 29th of January'19. 

Due to the limited places available in The Metabolic Rewire Program. We require a deposit to secure your place. There are two payment options available; 

Option A: Deposit ($284) followed by recurring weekly payment (12 x $109 starting 31st January) or 

Option B: Paid In Full (PIF) all funds are paid upfront before the program begins. 

Both of these payments can be made via our secure payment method Paypal. 

Option A

Option B

Pay Deposit

Pay in Full

Metabolic Rewire Program starts:


Starts 29th of January'19

What next?

After completing your registration you will be sent an email welcoming you to the program and supplying you with the links to our exclusive TMR Community. 

Following this email you will receive a call/email from one of our experience team to schedule you in during induction week for your Unique Body Mapping Session. During this session I will personally sit down with you and establish exactly how , what and when you will be exercising over the first three weeks.

Client Love

“I can do much more vigorous exercises now which is a huge achievement for me. Kate has strengthened my core to the max. As she says I have gone from just functioning to now having a better quality of life. I cannot speak highly enough of such a talented young lady, someone who actually cares about my progress & takes me a step forward.”


"I've been through many fad diets and unsuccessful weight loss regimes. Until I decided to start training with Bay ActivePT. I have now visibly lost weight, gained definition, I feel more energetic and maintained a balanced lifestyle. I would recommend Bay ActivePT to anyone who looks for long term results and a nurturing environment!"


Our Guarantee...

Making changes can scary that is why we are offering a 14 day Money Back Guarantee. 

We know that the Metabolic Rewire Program is jam-packed full of valuable content that is designed to get you results. If you follow the guidelines given to you by your trainer and you are not satisfied with the program (and you have done the work) within the first 14 days .  

We will give you 100% of your investment back.

Limited places, Apply today or miss out!


Is this program available online?

The Metabolic Rewire Program is a face to face program. It is not available online.

How do I secure my place in the program?

As there are limited places. Therefore a deposit must be taken to secure your place.

Can I get a refund on this product?

We offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee. If you ha been following your trainers instructions and are dissatisfied with the program we will refund your money.

How long does the program go for?

Program start date is on the 29th of January 2019 and finishes on the 28th of April 2019 (29/01/2019 - 28/04/2019)

How are Payments Accepted?

Payments are accepted through Paypal. Alternatively you can contact Bay ActivePT Studio to (02) 4472 4752

What happens when I apply?

You will receive a confirmation email, followed by a 10min clarification call.

Contact us on (02) 4472 4752 or info@bayactivept.com.au